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Comparison based on accomplishment does not have a baseline

I would just note that you have an image of some "great X" that you are trying to live up to, when really, there is no frame of reference to standardize a measure for X. Point being you and your circumstances are completely uniqueWarren Buffet talks about the idea of maintaining an inner score card of principles to escape this girardian mimetic rat-race. Also, James Richardon, the poet, says this beautifully in his book "Vectors: Aphorisms and 10 Second Essays":

“He wants to know what the best is so he can be superior to everything at once by seeing that the best isn’t perfect”.

One way to handle this would be to realize the fragility of the epistemic confidence acquired as a result of accomplishment based superiority. Socio-cultural tools like Humility can help with this a lot. It is to be noted that Humility is the knowing of the epistemic gapHumility is the knowing of the epistemic gap
Humility is the knowing that you don't know a lot of things not a false pretension to deceive people into praising you.

The contemporary view of humility seems to be to pretend as if one knew litt...
, and not the false pretension to decieve each other into playing the comparison and pseudo-superiority game, which would just defeat the purpose of seeing the uniqueness of circumstance.


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